Corporate Transactions

-We are not just involved in drafting the shareholders' agreement, we at Zergon Biz take care of the interests of both the investors and the investee company. 

- Our team personnel shall be personally involved in the investment transaction and conduct the requisite hand holding. 

- From explaining the legal jargons to getting the agreement executed with all the formalities, we have got your back.

- The first step of raising investment is to have a term sheet in place. 

-What is Rofo, Rofr, Tag-Along rights... Zergon Biz will answer all your questions and help you in negotiating a near to perfect investment deal. 

- Our objective is to achieve win-win situation for both the investor and the startup.

-Finalization of an investment deal isn't that easy as it seems. 

-We at Zergon Biz will be there with you from step to the end step and ensure that the deal is executed smoothly.

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